HCP TempLog    Bluetooth temperature logger

HCP TempLog temperature graph

HCP TempLog saves your temperature data on the internet – accessible anytime.

How does HCP TempLog work?

HCP TempLog uses three steps to log temperature data:


The Bluetooth module has an integrated temperature sensor.
It will always send the most recent temperature data to the computer or the smart phone.


The computer or Android device receives the temperature
data. The Windows software or Android app transmits the data to the internet.


The internet database receives the temperature data.
The data is stored and displayed in graphics form.


Additional features:


To use HCP TempLog you require: If you have any questions, contact us.

Set up HCP TempLog


Switch on the Bluetooth module.


Download and start the Windows software.
Follow the instructions to set up the temperature sensor.

If you don’t want to use the online upload, the setup is now complete.
Otherwise proceed as follows:
Contact us (info@hcp-technology.com) to activate your HCP TempLog database -
we will then provide you with two identifiers: your ID and your password.


Now change to the Windows software. Tick the
Start internet upload box and click on Configure.


Now enter the ID and the password you got in step 3.
Confirm the settings by clicking on Apply.


If everything works properly, the status bar should read Upload ... angezeigt werden. If it reads Error,
click the Configure button again to check if you have entered the correct ID and password.

The Windows software will now save the temperature in the online database every minute.
All you have to do is log in:

Click here to open the database login.
Enter the ID and the password you got in step 3 and click on Sign in.

You should get a temperature curve (data collection may take a few minutes).
You have now successfully set up HCP TempLog!
To set up data receiving via Android app, follow the Android app instructions. By pressing the button to the left of the home button and selecting the Settings you can enter your ID and password you got in step 3. The upload of temperature data begins when your smart phone is connected to the internet and to the Bluetooth module.

Download HCP TempLog

Windows software (Windows XP and newer)

1. Start the EXE file.
2. If necessary, install the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile.
3. Switch on the Bluetooth module.
4. Follow the instructions to set up the temperature sensor.

The software does not start? Install .NET Framework 4 and Update 4.0.3.

HCP TempLog Android app

With the Android app and a Bluetooth-compatible smart phone, you can also use HCP TempLog without prior setup:

1. Install the app.
2. Activate the Bluetooth module.
3. Go to the smart phone’s Bluetooth settings.
4. Start the device search.
5. Connect the Serial Adaptor device with code 1234.
6. Start the app.

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